The Villas

14,000m2 of unspoiled nature on the outskirts of one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the country. Hundred year old trees, living hedgerows, palette of greens as far as the eye can see. And nestled in the heart of this little paradise on the Balmoral hill, are four elegant, sunlit homes in this secure and private close, which makes what is behind the scenes even more precious.

Marie-Henriette, Prince de Condé, Wellington and Peter the Great. If the Balmoral Villas have been named after the most illustrious visitors to the Pearl of the Ardennes, it is because they embody the hallmarks of this project: luxury and sustainable growth, refinement and space... investment and dreams. 

On the right hand side of the screen, slide your cursor over the plan, and meet us in the photo gallery  to see The Villas as if you were already here. Or almost.

Photo Gallery

b Villa Marie Henriette

Marie-Henriette Anne von Habsbourg, second Queen of the Belgians, lived in Spa during the last seven years of her life. The wife of Leopold II, she was said to have found there "the elements of her happy childhood: countryside, horses, music, theatre and some friends."  A haven of peace and tranquillity.

·  6 apartments

·  Wellness centre

·  Secure access via Avenue Albert 

c Villa Pierre Le Grand

The Pierre-le-Grand Residence

is part of the second phase of commercialization of Balmoral Villas.

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a Villa Prince of Condé

A member of the extensive dynasty of the Princes of Condé, it was Louis II de Bourbon, known as “the Grand Condé" (the fourth prince of that name), who made his mark on the city of Spa, in June 1675… and whose name was given to one of the springs: the Pouhon, discovered in 1849.

·  8 apartments

·  Secure access via Avenue Albert 

d Villa Wellington

The Wellington Residence is part of the 2nd phase of

marketing of Balmoral Villas. Contact us to get more

information about apartments & duplexes.

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