Spa, City of Springs

A spa heritage City. A Royal City. The Pearl of the Ardennes. Gateway to the Ardennes. Capital of the Fagnes. The Blue Gold Country. The CafĂ© of Europe.

Over the course of history, people have discovered the advantages Spa has to offer, and have given her many different names. The Romanswere the first, and called it Sparsa meaning "bubbling spring" or Spatia meaning "freespace".

Since then, Spa has seduced legions of visitors, including Guillaume Apollinaire, Peter the Great, Leopold II, Victor Hugo, Prince CondĂ©, Fanny Ardant, Queen Marie-Henriette, Jeremy Irons, Grace of Capitani, Giacomo Agostini, Casanova, Montaigne and Stanley Kubrick ("Barry Lyndon") .
Twenty centuries after its creation,the timeless charm of this royal city continues to attract cosmopolitan and epicurean people, who love fresh air and discovering new things.

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